Policies & Club Documents

Policies and Guidelines for Clubs and Programs

The policies and guidelines contained in this document have been approved by the FFI Board of Directors to govern all Friendship Force program activity. UPDATED September 2020 with new language to policies approved by the International Board of Directors.

2019-2021 Strategic Plan

This plan broadly outlines the initiatives being pursued by each of the three groups with specific goals and accompanying measures of success in development. Like the many strategic plans for Friendship Force developed before this one, it is filled with both realistic targets and ambitious hopes.

2019-2021 Strategic Plan: Portuguese

Este plano descreve em linhas gerais as iniciativas que estão sendo desenvolvidas por cada um dos três grupos, com metas específicas e medidas de acompanhamento de sucesso no desenvolvimento. Como os muitos planos estratégicos para Friendship Force desenvolvidos antes, este está repleto de metas realistas e esperanças ambiciosas.

FFI Club Charter Agreement

Friendship Force International Club Charters

Updated 2020 Journey Fees

These funds support existing clubs, create and sustain exceptional friendship-building programs, and help establish new opportunities to encourage peace through friendship around the globe.

2020 FFI Leadership Information Update and Club Dues

The member affiliation fee is $20 per individual as set by the FFI Board of Directors. Next year, please have your club plan to submit $20 per member according to your membership numbers on December 31, 2019.

Sample Club Bylaws 2017

A sample club bylaw document, intended to assist the club in self-regulation, as allowed by Friendship Force International.

Complete List of FFI Clubs (Printable)

A printable document containing a complete list of Friendship Force clubs.

Club Profile Update Form for Website

Please complete this form to have your club profile updated on the FFI website.

Organizational Guidelines for Friendship Force Clubs in the USA

Friendship Force clubs are independent organizations with each club responsible for developing and maintaining its organizational status and ensuring compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws. Clubs are not branches or subsidiaries of FFI. The following guidelines were developed with the assistance of the FFI attorney and the approval of the Friendship Force International (FFI) Board of Directors.

FFI 2019 Annual Report

Annual Report from Friendship Force International for 2019

FFI 2018 Annual Report

Annual Report from Friendship Force International for 2018

FFI 2017 Annual Report

Annual Report from Friendship Force International for 2017

FFI 2016 Annual Report

Annual Report from Friendship Force International for 2016

Club Tax ID Advisory for Friendship Force Clubs in the USA

A document to help US clubs understand the nature of FFI’s tax status and the status of individual clubs.
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