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Friendship Force Listed in Latest Edition of Travel Author and Host Rick Steves’ Book

Rick Steves, a well-known American travel author and expert, has included Friendship Force International in his third edition of his book Travel as a Political Act alongside other educational travel organizations.

As Rick writes,

I’ve taken several wonderful trips with organizations that offer ‘educational’ or ‘reality’ tours… It’s clear to me that if you want to get the most out of visiting a complicated corner of our world, your best bet is to go with an organization that has a network of people on the ground who can provide an insider’s understanding.

Following his blog post on the topic last year, Rick’s new book debuted in February with a section called “Take an Educational Tour,” where Friendship Force is detailed:

A nonprofit organization, FF focuses on person-to-person exchange, with locals welcoming travelers into their homes. Each one- to three-week program includes cultural experiences, such as learning to make traditional lavash bread in Armenia, visiting historic Brazilian fishing villages, or tobogganing on sand hill in Australia’s Hunter Valley.


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