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Featured Journey of the Quarter – FF Central North Carolina, USA to FF São Luís, Brazil

“Looking back, the conviviality of the welcome party was a marker for our journey from the handshake of strangers to the embrace of friends.” – Charles John, FF Central North Carolina Ambassador

As we welcome the first quarter of 2018 and the completion of our organization’s 40th Anniversary year, we also want to reflect on the milestones and achievements accomplished by our clubs around the world. FF São Luís, Brazil, welcomed their very first group of ambassadors, and this inbound Journey was a rousing success, as outlined in this colorful narrative written collectively by ambassadors of FF Central North Carolina, USA.

From a thrilling early morning trek to the Barreirinhas, during which the ambassadors “shared an adventurous and exciting attitude,” to a voyage up the lush River Preguiças to the Pequenos Lençois, this Journey was filled with memorable moments and budding friendships. The Journey began as many do, with a  welcome dinner that was a “beautiful affair,” featuring Brazilian folk songs, a dance, a mini classical guitar presentation, and portrait photography of ambassadors with their hosts.


The Journey’s itinerary also included a celebratory day at the beach at Litoranea, a potluck dinner at the home of the Host Coordinator Selma, a visit to Sitio Piranhengas, and a city tour full of history and topped off with a seafood buffet and an evening presentation of folk rallies. So many moments in this bountiful itinerary turned into lasting memories, leaving ambassadors “always exhausted with joy!”


Click here to read this creative collection of stories, Vinhetas do Brasil, in its entirety, composed of individual entries written by each of the FF Central North Carolina ambassadors.