September 8, 2017 | Jeremi Snook

Expanding Our Core – Part 2 of a Blog Series by Jeremi Snook

This is the second entry in a series of blog posts by CEO Jeremi Snook outlining the goals of the 40th Anniversary Campaign. Read Part One here. I love to garden. Well, to be more precise, I love the idea of gardening. Growing up in rural New England, in the far northeastern corner of the […]

June 19, 2017 | Jeremi Snook

An Introduction to Our Future – A Blog Series by Jeremi Snook

There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on. – Zayn Malik When I was nine, I lived in Raymond, New Hampshire, a small town with a population of […]

April 29, 2017 | Jeremi Snook

AU, NZ, NE and Beyond!

The first quarter of 2017 has not failed to be busy, full, and exciting. Perhaps like many in the Friendship Force family, the new year brings with it not only new ambitions, but a whole lot of old ambitions that got carried over. For Friendship Force Headquarters, this included the roll-out of the new website, […]

March 23, 2017 | Matthew Nidek

Friendship Force Receives Award from Open World Program

On January 23, 2017, Friendship Force International received the Annual Grantee of Merit Award for 2017 by the Open World Leadership Center. The Annual Grantee of Merit Award is presented to organizations who have demonstrated outstanding service to Open World Leadership Center. Open World Leadership Center is a legislative branch agency that supports Congressional outreach […]

| admin

Do You Need Travel Insurance?

So you’ve decided to participate in a Friendship Force Journey: the ultimate way to get to know friends around the world, to experience another culture from the inside and to come home changed from the views you’ve experienced. When planning a trip whether it be with Friendship Force or for personal travel, you pay your […]

March 21, 2017 | Kaitlyn Ranney

Rick Steves Recommends Friendship Force

Well-known American travel author and expert, Rick Steves, wrote a blog post on March 15 listing organizations he recommends that provide educational tours and experiences to travelers – and Friendship Force made his short list! As Rick writes, After taking several trips with organizations offering “educational” or “reality” tours, I’ve learned that getting the most out of […]

March 13, 2017 | Kaitlyn Ranney

FFI In the News

When foreigners ask if it’s safe to visit the United States FFI President and CEO Jeremi Snook was recently interviewed by Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Political Blog on March 13, discussing the political situation in the United States and Friendship Force’s 40th Anniversary. As Galloway writes, If the Friendship Force were a woman, she […]

March 2, 2017 | Jeremi Snook

Legacy Fund Name Change and Wayne Smith Legacy Circle Creation

During their October 2016 meeting, the FFI Board of Directors voted that the Legacy Fund be renamed the Annual Fund to reflect the use of funds received annually in support of our mission. The purpose of the fund will not change – it is a change in name only. When you give to the FFI […]

| Kaitlyn Ranney

Friendship Force, pioneer in global homestay experience, celebrates 40 years of promoting understanding, peace

More than 1 million people have enjoyed cultural immersion with new friends as they experience different views and discover common ground ATLANTA, Ga. USA – Atlanta-based Friendship Force International, a global pioneer in promoting homestay travel experiences, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year of building bridges of understanding through a unique program in which more […]

November 2, 2016 | Kaitlyn Ranney

What will they think? Foreign journalists and politicians observe U.S. elections while being hosted in homes of Friendship Force clubs

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. and MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Journalists and political leaders from Eastern Europe and Central Asia will be observing U.S. elections in Virginia and Wisconsin as guests of Friendship Force International next week. The Friendship Force club of Milwaukee, Wis., will host five Serbian TV, radio and print journalists Nov. 4-12 who will be observing the […]