June 10, 2016 | Jeremi Snook

Stories of Friendship Initiative

My first genuine encounter with the Friendship Force wasn’t the mission statement I read on the website, nor was it any one of the elaborate descriptions of upcoming exchanges on the online catalog. It was when one of the Board Members shared a quick story about the people they met in their traveling with the […]

April 22, 2016 | Jeremi Snook

Bigger and Better: World Conferences Go Every Other Year

One of the decisions that came out of the International Board of Directors meeting this past March was the unanimous approval for the World Conference to take place every other year. After the 2017 World Conference in Manchester, England, the next will be held in 2019. This change has been discussed for many years and […]

April 18, 2016 | Jeremi Snook

Estimados amigos de Perú

En el viaje de regreso a Georgia tuve tiempo suficiente para pensar en mi breve pero memorable primer visita  como Presidente a su hermoso país. Yo no debería estar sorprendido, pero me conmovió el cuidado y la atención que cada uno de ustedes tuvo para lograr el éxito de su convención anual.     Cada […]

March 24, 2016 | Jeremi Snook

Update from Recent Board Meeting

Dear Friendship Force Club Leaders, Earlier this month, the Friendship Force International Board of Directors met for the 76th time in our history to discuss, among regular business, the current state of the Friendship Force mission worldwide. There is no doubt that our mission of “promoting global understanding across the barriers that separate people” continues […]

March 4, 2016 | Jeremi Snook

A Note of Thanks…

Now fully recovered from traveling, I wanted to send this open letter to all the clubs and members in New Zealand and Australia expressing my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your warm welcome and hospitality. A specific note of gratitude to both the conference organizers and attendees who made their way to New Plymouth and […]

February 25, 2016 | Jeremi Snook

Database and Website Upgrade – February Update

FFI Staff and Agency Cadre, the company contracted to do the website and database work, are working together on the information architecture and overall structure of the new website. A discovery and strategy workshop took place in January with the technology team, FFI staff members, Laurie-Ann Scott (Friendship Force Club Support Consultant) and Bob Duncan […]

January 13, 2016 | Jeremi Snook

Database and Website Upgrade

Several club members and leaders have made inquiries into the background of the database and website replacement project that was announced during the Vancouver World Conference as the target of the “I’m In!” fundraising campaign. I thought it might be helpful to revisit and share some of the more frequent questions I’ve received to help […]